Surfside Cops: 81-year-old doorman sexted, gave Xanax and weed to 15-year-old boy

By: Andy Slater

An 81-year-old doorman was arrested after allegedly sending sexual text messages and giving marijuana and Xanax to a 15-year-old boy.

Police arrested Harold Markowitz at Surfside Towers where he works and the teenager lives.

According to the exclusively-obtained arrest report, the boy's mother became suspicious when her son's breath smelled like marijuana. She took away his cell phone and saw explicit text messages with the doorman.

During a meeting, the boy told police that he had been talking to the doorman for about two months. They would meet in a vacant apartment to smoke the weed and also watched porn together, the report says.

Markowitz said he gave the boy Xanax in exchange for friendship, the report says.

Cops went up to Markowitz in the condo's parking lot Thursday morning. He had more marijuana on him to give to the boy, police say.

Detectives say Markowitz admitted to giving the boy Xanax, marijuana, and offering to bring him alcohol. He insisted that he and the boy never had sex, according to the report. 

Markowitz has since bonded out of jail.

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(Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections)