Miami-Dade firefighter arrested for kicking Key West cop in face

Monroe County Sheriff's Office

By: Andy Slater

A Miami-Dade firefighter is battling more than a fire. He's facing serious charges after allegedly getting into a bar fight and then kicking an officer in the face.

Key West police arrested firefighter Walter Hoar, 48, last Friday night after they say he "repeatedly cursed and screamed at officers," and then took his knee right to an officer's face. 

According to the exclusively-obtained arrest report, a fight started at the Lazy Gecko bar in Key West and Hoar was part of it. Hoar was so "belligerent," police had a Taser pointed at him before they put him in handcuffs, the report says.

"He stated he was a Miami-Dade firefighter, and on numerous times told us we were, f-----g p-----s," one officer wrote in the report. 

As cops were about to put Hoar into a police car, one of the officer's body cams dropped to the ground. The officer went to pick up his camera and that's when Hoar lifted his leg and kicked the officer in the face, the report says. 

Officers say they pinned Hoar to the car and put him in leg restraints since he continued to kick. 

On the way to jail, Hoar told an officer he knew how to "code out." A term used for someone "who needed immediate medical attention," the report says. In the car, "Hoar then began to make gargling noises and started spitting at the prisoner screen."

While at the hospital, officers say Hoar "continued to be loud and verbally abusive to the staff."

Hoar was eventually taken to jail and released on $4,000 bond. He was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

No medical treatment was needed for the officer who was kicked in the face, the report says.

A spokesperson at Miami-Dade Fire Rescue is yet to respond when asked for comment. 

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(Photo: Monroe County Sheriff's Office)