Cops: Miami man fights & tries to run over officer with child in backseat

By: Andy Slater

The details of the exclusively-obtained police report for the arrest 23-year-old Angel Montes are shocking enough. But it’s when the report gets to the end that the story becomes unbelievable.

Montes was involved in a violent confrontation with police, while in his vehicle. Police noted at the end of their report, that the entire wild situation played out with his 7-year-old child in the backseat.

According to officers, the incident started Monday afternoon when Montes drove his white car at them near NW 11th Court and NW 32nd Street. Police claim they had to swerve their vehicle to avoid a crash.

The officers were able to pull Montes over. He yelled at them, “Why did you pull me over, what did I do,” according to the report.

Police claim they twice asked Montes to get out of the car, noticing a silver knife sitting in the center console.

The officer tried to open Montes’ door when he allegedly grabbed the officer by one arm and pushed him with the other saying “Get the *uck out of my car. Don’t *ucking touch me.”

At that point, the officer saw Montes reach over for his knife. The officer yelled at Montes to get out of the car. Instead, the report indicated that Montes stepped on the accelerator to his car and dragged the officer. This lasted for approximately 4-5 seconds.

After that, the officer called for backup and was able to avoid being run over by Montes’ car as it drove away --- doing circles at a high rate of speed.

Officers caught up with Montes on NW 36th St. when his car came to a complete stop. Police opened his door and asked him to get out of the car.  Instead, he once again reached for his knife. At this point, officers started fighting him physically. Two officers were able to subdue Montes and arrest him.

Montes is now facing multiple charges including: Felony aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, felony battery on a police enforcement officer, felony fleeing police, and child abuse/neglect.

As for the 7-year-old who witnessed the entire incident, he was turned over to the custody of his mother on the scene.

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(Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections)