Exclusive details: O.J. Simpson's best friend, part of Vegas robbery, talks

By: Andy Slater

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One of O.J. Simpson's best friends was part of the 2007 armed robbery inside a Las Vegas hotel room. Now, nine years later, he's talking about it.

Charlie Ehrlich provided exclusive details on the night he was in the Vegas hotel room with Simpson. He described what led up to the armed robbery and what happened the hours and days after it.

Ehrlich also said he asked Simpson if he committed the murders in 1994.

The exclusively detailed, four-part interview can be heard below. It originally aired June 16-17 on my weekday radio show on 940-AM WINZ and iHeartRadio.

Part One: Ehrlich describes his friendship with Simpson, what happens when he's out with him, and how he asked him about the murders (9:09)

Part Two: Ehrlich talks about meeting Simpson in Vegas, the plans to go to the hotel room, and how the plans quickly changed. (10:44)

Part Three: Ehrlich discusses everything that happened in the Vegas hotel room after the door opened, also details the hours after the armed robbery (14:01)

Part Four: Ehrlich discusses how the police eventually got involved, how the arrests happened, the trial, and future contact with Simpson. (15:48)

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(Photo: Charlie Ehrlich/KVVU)