Exclusive: Drunk wrong-way driver "loves drinking," causes head-on crash on 836, cops say

By: Andy Slater

A drunk 21-year-old woman drove the wrong-way on a Miami expressway, didn't care that she caused a serious crash, and then tried to leave the scene, police say.

Elianne Mijares Remesal was headed westbound in the eastbound lanes of State Road 836 just after 4 a.m. last week when her SUV crashed head-on into another car near NW 12th Avenue, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. 

She mentioned she was having a good time and that she loves drinking and doesn’t care about the car she struck.
— Florida Highway Patrol

Remesal, who was not wearing shoes, was swaying as she stood in place, FHP said. She also had "red, glassy, watery eyes" and had a "strong odor of alcohol" coming from breath. 

The state trooper said, while speaking to Remesal, she tried to go back to her SUV and leave with her passenger several times. Her passenger, a 20-year-old man, wound up being taken to Ryder Trauma Center. His exact injuries are unknown. 

The driver of the car Remesal hit was not transported to the hospital.

Remesal was eventually placed under arrest for DUI after she kept trying to walk into lanes of traffic at the crash scene, according to FHP.

A field-sobriety exercise wasn't conducted because Remesal was "too impaired," FHP said.

Exclusively-obtained documents, though, show Remesal had a blood-alcohol level of .17, more than twice the legal limit in Florida. Her blood results are pending. 

While at the police station, Remesal said she didn't understand why she was under arrest and that she didn't do anything wrong, according to the trooper. 

Remesal was taken to jail and bonded out. She now faces several charges including DUI with serious injuries. She's expected in court later this month. 

Previous records show Remesal was cited in March for speeding, going 94 mph in a 60 mph zone. 

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