Cops: Gun, drugs, big cloud of smoke found in Matt Elam's car

By: Andy Slater

126 grams of weed, 6 oxycodone pills, 3 passengers, one loaded gun, and a big cloud of smoke. 

That's what police say they found inside the Range Rover that Baltimore Ravens' safety Matt Elam was driving early Saturday night in Miami Beach.

According to an exclusively-obtained arrest report, Elam, 25, and his three passengers were arrested after he allegedly swerved all over the road, screeched his tires, and tried to get away from cops.

The incident took place on the 2700 block of Pine Tree Drive in Miami Beach.

One of Elam's passengers, Calvin Stewart, was carrying a loaded gun according to the report. Stewart, 28, told police he didn't have a permit for the gun. He was charged with a felony.  

Elam is being held on $15,500 bond. He's facing several drug charges.

Elam's arrest was first reported by NBC Sports.

A first-team All American for the Florida Gators, Elam was drafted by the Ravens in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. 

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(Photo:USATI, Miami-Dade Corrections)