Why did Miami PD tweet congrats to the Patriots?

By: Andy Slater

As the Patriots captured their 5th Super Bowl title, millions of tweets were sent out about the epic victory: but one stood out from the rest. 

While you would expect the Patriots to receive love from those in the sports world and people all across New England, the City of Miami police department decided to join the party.

Being that the Patriots play 1,500 miles from Miami and they are the Dolphins' division rival, I reached out to Miami PD on Monday to find out the motivation for the tweet.

A spokesperson for the department told me "the tweet was sent out as a courtesy congratulating the Patriots and to ask drivers to be responsible by not drinking and driving."

Telling people to drive sober is always an important reminder, but you have to wonder if Boston PD would reciprocate the same sentiment if the tables were turned. 

Calls to the 1973 Boston Police Department have not been returned.  

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