Man at Kendall tanning salon charged with secretly recording naked woman

By: Andy Slater

A woman who stripped down to enter a tanning booth was apparently stripped of her privacy as well.

Police arrested the suspected peeping Tom after the incident inside Zoom Tan at 13630 Southwest 120th Street in Kendall.

According to the exclusively-obtained police report, a woman got naked before tanning last Friday, and was about to stand in the tanning bed, when she noticed a cell-phone camera.

That camera was allegedly positioned on the floor, pointing up.

After seeing the camera, police say the woman put her clothes back on and confronted 36-year-old Javier Sotomayor.

She tried to ask him why he was recording her, but police say Sotomayor walked right out of the salon.

The woman started doing recording of her own, filming Sotomayor walking along the strip mall.

Detectives say he eventually made it to his car in front of the salon. He was later arrested.

Sotomayor is being charged with video voyeurism.

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(Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections, Zoom Tan)