EXCLUSIVE: Suspected S. Florida toll evader busted by off-duty cop

 Source: Miami-Dade Corrections

Source: Miami-Dade Corrections

Posted: Nov. 19, 2018 4:57 p.m. ET

By: Andy Slater

Crime eventually does take its toll.

A South Florida resident recently gained national attention for using a seemingly clever way to avoid tolls.

According to an exclusively-obtained police report, 70-year-old Robert Davis’ suspected joyride has come to an end.

The Florida Highway Patrol says that Davis was driving his minivan southbound on the Florida Turnpike near Bird Road on Saturday. Lt. Alex Camacho spotted Davis using an electronic black screen to cover his license plate as he drove under the SunPass cameras.

Though off-duty, Camacho followed Davis’ minivan and phoned in the notorious driver’s location.

Davis was taken into custody when troopers arrived.

A search of Davis’ car revealed how the license-plate cover worked. A remote control was found inside that was used to raise and lower the cover as needed.

MDX footage from early 2018

The Florida Highway Patrol says a SunPass transponder was also found in the minivan’s glovebox. It was in a static-shield bag.

Davis has been charged with organized fraud, cheating, and petty theft.

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