ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Exclusive: Man bitten by snake at Disney World

By: Andy Slater

A man was bitten by a snake Wednesday morning while watching his son play baseball at Disney's ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

"The snake came out from under the bleachers, crawled up my leg, and bit the [expletive] out of my hand," West Palm Beach resident Carlos Carles said after exclusively sharing pictures with me.

Carles, 52, was stepping on the snake for at least 25 minutes waiting for "an Animal Kingdom guy," he said. "I didn't want a kid to get bit and no one working there wanted anything to do with it." 

All activity on the baseball field was stopped after the incident, Carles explained.

A Disney representative wrapped Carles' hand while the snake was still under his foot, he said. 

"I was where I was supposed to be," Carles said. "My hand stings and hurts badly."

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(Photo: Carlos Carles)