Johnny Manziel

Johnny Vegas? Exclusive details of Manziel sighting in Sin City

By: Andy Slater

Johnny Manziel pulled his hoodie over his head, got up, and bailed.

That's what happened last night at a Planet Hollywood casino lounge, according to John Hornacek who I spoke with on Sunday morning.

The USA Today reported that Manziel was at the Vegas casino on Saturday night. 

Hornacek, who told the USA Today he saw Manziel, offered me exclusive details.

Manziel was playing at the $25 minimum blackjack table, Hornacek told me. He also added he "didn't take any pictures - no cells allowed at tables." 

The night apparently wasn't over with blackjack, though. 

"Later on we were in the lounge next to the tables and (Manziel) and his girlfriend and her friends were drinking next to us," Hornacek said. "We went over to talk to him and he pulled his hoodie over his head and got up and bailed, but the girls stayed," Hornacek added. 

When I asked him again about the possibility of pictures, Hornacek told me he's "too old to take pictures of some athlete at a casino. I felt like an idiot."

Hornacek clarified to me that he didn't see Manziel drinking alcohol. "He was drinking something, but wasn't a beer or anything. I have no idea if it was alcohol or not."

Meanwhile, Manziel posted an Instagram photo last night tagging the location as Avon, OH. 

So, was Johnny Football really in Vegas?

"It was him 100%," Hornacek said.

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(Photo Credit: USA Today)