Los Angeles Dodgers

Yasiel Puig's bar scuffle was against MMA fighter

By: Andy Slater (@AndySlater)

Yasiel Puig has faced tough opponents throughout his Los Angeles Dodgers career. Wednesday night at a Miami bar, he faced an MMA fighter. 

Puig punched 26-year-old bouncer Anthony Garavito at Blue Martini in Miami. The video of the punch was shown to Miami police, but not released. 

Garavito last fought for 'Fight Time Promotions' in 2012. 

Miami police say after Puig exchanged words with his sister inside the bar, he was told to leave. Upon leaving, a scuffle with Garavito and other bar security ensued.

Puig left with a swollen left eye. Garavito had a minor cut on his lip, but refused to be treated by Miami Fire Rescue. 

No charges were filed. 


(Photo Credit: USA Today, Flickr)