Uncle Luke

Uncle Luke to DJ Khaled: Get out of Miami if you bring Drake to Heat game

By: Andy Slater

"If DJ Khaled brings Drake to the game ... you can get the hell out of Miami." 

That's exactly what Luther Campbell, aka Uncle Luke, said today on my weekday radio show.

You can hear Uncle Luke's entire minute-long rant below, including the part where he tells DJ Khaled to sell his house. 

"It's not going to be a nice thing for you down here, Khaled."

Drake is an ambassador for the Toronto Raptors who face the Miami Heat in the second round of the NBA Playoffs. 

Game 3 will be in Miami on Saturday night.

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Uncle Luke says get rid of Miami Beach politicians, not Floatopia

By: Andy Slater

"These idiots on Miami Beach ... they always want to stop something." 

Luther Campbell, aka Uncle Luke, had some serious words for Miami Beach politicians during my radio show on Tuesday afternoon. 

Thousands of people showed up to Miami Beach on Saturday to attend "Floatopia" --- a party with floats and inner tubes. According to all accounts, almost everyone who attended left their stuff behind. 

Politicians now want the event banned.

Miami Beach commissioner Michael Grieco told WPLG Local 10 "I don't know how 100,000 people can come out to my beach and just not take what they brought with them." 

"It's not your beach," Campbell said referring to Grieco's message. "Remember his comments when it's time to vote ... and vote Michael's ass out." 

All seven minutes of Luke's tirade, including comments toward Mayor Philip Levine, can be heard below:

Floatopia is organized by a group using a website and social media, not the City of Miami Beach.

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(Photo: floatopiamia.com)