Tommy Hutton fired: Marlins players, coaches couldn't handle the truth

By: Andy Slater (@AndySlater)

"Players would go back and forth between the dugout and clubhouse just to hear what Tommy was saying," one source told me.

The Miami Marlins and Fox Sports Florida advised Tommy Hutton that his contract would not be renewed, a story first reported by Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. Hutton told Jackson, as well as talk-show host Dan Le Batard on 790 WAXY, he wasn't offered a real explanation as to why he was dismissed. 

"All I got was we've made a decision to go in another direction," Hutton told the Miami Herald. 

The exact reason as to why Hutton will not be returning is still unknown.

However, through multiple team sources, I've learned surprising details that add to the circus in the Marlins clubhouse I first reported on last week. 

During my weekday radio show on 940 WINZ and iHeartRadio, I noted the following details Tuesday afternoon:

Via multiple sources, I was told this past Marlins season was the absolute worst when it came to complaints. 

After games, on numerous occasions throughout the season, players would go up to team PR staff and owner Jeffrey Loria complaining about what Hutton said during the telecast. 

"Players would have their wife, girlfriend, family member, and even friends texting them things Tommy said," another source added.

There were also certain incidents where Loria wasn't happy with Hutton. Loria didn't like it when Hutton would talk too much about another team's player, another source told me. "Anytime (Hutton) would bring up a ballpark flaw, Loria would be very upset," the source said.

The complaints against Hutton happened at Marlins Park, on the road, and even on the team plane, I was told.

Did the players and coaches complaints, along with Loria's partial unhappiness in some of Hutton's remarks cause his dismissal? That's something we don't know.

Here's something I do know, though. Hutton should not have been fired -- and that's the truth.


(Photo Credit: Spokeo)