2015: Top 5 Slater Scoops

By: Andy Slater

2015 was the year of the Slater Scoop. On this website, on my Twitter account @AndySlater, and on my weekday radio show on 940-AM WINZ Miami Sports and iHeartRadio.

Here's an inside look at the Top 5 Slater Scoops from 2015:


#5 - Scooping national, local reporters on many team draft picks

I was told this one created some waves in the Miami Dolphins media work room. If you wanted to know who the Dolphins and other teams were selecting before it was reported by anyone, you got it on my Twitter timeline during the 2015 Draft. Thanks to multiple league and team sources,  the NFL draft has become an event where I must vigorously multitask for three straight days --- which is great. 


#4 - Duke Johnson kicked out of Sun Life Stadium

Initial reports said former Miami Hurricanes great, Duke Johnson, wasn't allowed into the Canes game because he wanted to enter with a backpack --- which is not permitted. I knew there had to be more to this story, so I went straight to my iPhone. I learned via multiple sources that Johnson was kicked out of Sun Life Stadium prior to the game because stadium security and a University of Miami employee didn't know who he was --- the school's all-time leading rusher. He was threatened to be arrested if he didn't leave. This incident turned into one of the hottest stories on my site in 2015.


#3 - Rob Konrad's alleged 27-mile swim comes to end with video

This one was so big, my friends who were with me at Joe's Stone Crab devoured all of the jumbo claws while I was sitting at the table replying to emails. The investigation closed on Rob Konrad's "16-hour, 27-mile swim" --- but I was able to exclusively obtain video of the former Dolphins player in the back of a police unit after he told cops he came ashore. Konrad spoke to officers on scene and detailed his supposed time at sea. Once I released the video, every national network and local station wanted permission to use the footage --- something they could have gotten on their own if they didn't shut the door on the case.


#2 - Jose Fernandez wants out of the Marlins clubhouse circus


I knew the Marlins had a bad season on and off the field, but when I got this news and details for multiple player sources , I couldn't believe it. The Marlins clubhouse had circus music playing, clown noses being passed around, and their star pitcher asking when he'd be traded. The information in this article certainly created a stir in the baseball community. It was validating to see former Marlins pitcher Dan Haren confirming multiple parts of my story in a national publication


#1 - Jason-Pierre Paul blew off his fingers on July 4


I was having a beach-side breakfast in Costa Rica when the messages and a phone call came in. Vacation was halted for a few hours after I was told that the New York Giants star had a major fireworks incident and was in a South Florida hospital --- this happened on my turf, I knew I had to own this story. Doctors wanted to amputate Jason Pierre-Paul's entire hand after the July 4 incident, which he recently confirmed. The fireworks mishap became a national story that originally was refuted by several prominent writers. Luckily, Pierre-Paul's hand was saved, but is missing a big portion. 

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(Photo Credit: AP, Getty)