Academic advisor admits to secretly taking pics/video of men in FIU bathroom stalls

By: Andy Slater

An academic advisor at FIU admitted to secretly taking pictures and videos of men in bathroom stalls on campus.

According to an exclusively-obtained police report, Terrance Wilson, 27, was inside one of the men's restrooms in the Graham Center building on the South campus of FIU last week when a man caught Wilson using his cellphone to record him in the next stall.

The alleged victim called police. Officers were able to catch up with Wilson, who was wearing an FIU polo shirt, slacks, and brown dress shoes. While officers were speaking to Wilson, they say he was going through his phone, possibly destroying evidence, the report says. 

When officers tried to take Wilson's phone, he refused. Wilson was then handcuffed and taken to jail. 

Police say Wilson later gave signed permission to search his phone.

"The search revealed numerous pics and videos of males using the restroom stalls unaware of anyone recording them," the report says. 

During a police interview on Wednesday, Wilson said he took the photos and videos and kept them in his phone for "personal gratification," according to the report.

Wilson was once again arrested. He was charged with video voyeurism. He later bonded out of jail. 

On Saturday, a spokesperson for FIU said Wilson "was placed on administrative leave upon the initiation of the investigation. The process to terminate him is under way and should be complete in the coming week." 

"The legal process will proceed independently," the spokesperson added.

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(Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections)