Exclusive: Full video and details of Sawgrass Mills Brawl

By: Andy Slater

A computer glitch sparked a brawl at the Sawgrass Mills mall and I had a front row seat to the madness.

Strolling through the mall with time to kill before the Florida Panthers faced off across the street, I stumbled upon a crowd of people outside the Steve Madden store.

From what I could gather, the store was having computer problems. The doors were locked and the store was closed. 

A woman from Switzerland (who is seen yelling at employees inside) did not believe it. 

She thought she was being discriminated against and started banging on the glass. 

I noticed that there were still people in the store finishing up transactions, possibly by hand since the computers were reportedly down. I knew those customers would have to exit through the front door. 

I got myself ready thinking something would go down... and it did. 

The full video is below:

The Sunrise cops showed up, described it as a minor disturbance, and made no arrests. 

Happy Holidays. 

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