Just in: Details on alleged incident believed to involve Mark Walton

By: Andy Slater

A man believed to be Canes RB Mark Walton allegedly pulled over a female, claimed he was an off-duty police officer, grabbed the women's hands, and started rubbing his genital area against her back. 

(Update: 4/28 6:00pm) Another source very close to the situation tells me that the suspect in this case is indeed Mark Walton.

All of this information is according to a new police report. Most details of the incident are very similar to those I reported on Saturday afternoon, four days before police released the new information.

The police report lists the suspect as "Salomon", but describes characteristics that would match Walton, including a chain that he is wearing in the publicized arrest video.

According to the report, this alleged incident took place two days prior to Walton's DUI arrest. 

The University of Miami quickly suspended Walton a few hours after his arrest. 

More charges are still possible against the team's running back.

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(Photo: Miami Herald)