Mark Walton's demand granted, jury trial date set

By: Andy Slater

Hurricanes running back Mark Walton is fast on the field and in the Miami-Dade court system.

Walton's demand for a speedy trial was granted at a hearing on Friday morning, according to his attorney Ricky Patel. 

Walton's trial is scheduled to begin on June 20, less than two months after his arrest. Patel requested a trial by jury.

On April 23, Walton was arrested for DUI and knowingly driving with a suspended license --- the two charges he currently faces.

The Canes star was also accused of impersonating a police officer and battery two days prior to his arrest. "Mark Walton was the victim here," Patel said when asked about that accusation. Patel then exclusively showed me an alleged text message exchange between Walton and his accuser.

No charges have been filed pertaining to that incident.

Walton has been reinstated by the Canes and is participating in team activities, as I first reported. The University of Miami has yet to officially release a statement, though.

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(Photo: USA Today)