Exclusive Video: Miami stripper tries to bribe cop

By: Andy Slater

A stripper in Miami pulled down her shirt, pulled out some cash, and asked an officer how much she owed him. The apparent attempt to get out of a ticket was all caught on a new Miami-Dade Police body cam.

Margaret Garcia, 26, was arrested June 19 in Northwest Miami-Dade after the routine traffic stop turned into a felony bribery charge.

Exclusively obtained video of the incident gives us the first ever look from the department's new recording device. 

The officer said he stopped Garcia for speeding. When he approached the vehicle, he also saw a bag containing marijuana, including a strong odor from it.

In the full video, which is more than 2 hours in length, Garcia tells the officer multiple times she is a stripper.

Aside from being charged with bribery and marijuana possession, Garcia also received the initial speeding ticket. 

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