Car dealer in Canes scandal linked to NFL agent and former player's attorney

By: Andy Slater

The University of Miami will open the season Saturday against FAMU without their leading tackler from last season, Jermaine Grace and leader in sacks, Al-Quadin Muhammad.

Both Canes were “permanently dismissed from the Hurricanes football program for violating NCAA rules.” That’s according to a statement that UM put out last Saturday.  The decision to dismiss them “was made in consultation with outside counsel and after discussions with NCAA enforcement staff," the school said.

This was in connection with rented cars at a company called South Beach Exotic Rentals.

I wanted to know more about this company. What I found was a series of interesting connections.

South Beach Exotic Rentals is owned by Juan Caballero.  He told the Miami Herald that everything rented for the two players was by the rules.

In addition to owning the rental company, my research indicates that Caballero owns a website for something known as MJ Sports International.

They also have a Facebook page.

That website has been deleted.

However, using web cache, I was able to retrieve the front page of the site from earlier this year.

The page said "We are Miami based Sports Agency that manage football, basketball, baseball players.”

On the upper corner of the MJ Sports International site, was a phone number. That number is the same one listed for the car rental company.

MJ Sports International was never registered with the State of Florida.  So, while they had a website and a Facebook page, it is not known if they ever did any business.

Back to the website, on the front page, is the company name Authentic Athletix.

That is the name of a company owned by agent Peter Schaffer.

Records show that Schaffer’s name was on the website, but it was deleted last year.

If the name Peter Schaffer sounds familiar, he appeared on the reality TV show “The Agent.”

Interestingly enough, in one episode, Schaffer is seen meeting with players and some of his friends: Included in that group is Caballero (seen at the 1:47 mark).

The attorney who originally represented Jermaine Grace, Steven L. Washington, was also listed on the MJ Sports International website.  He was referenced as a staff member.  The day after I asked Washington about this, he was no longer representing Grace.

I asked Washington for details about MJ Sports International.  He said it was “just an idea.”  He declined to comment further about it or any other relationships.

I reached out to Schaffer in Colorado. We spoke, emailed, and texted several times.  He declined comment.

Caballero did not return several calls and emails.

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