Police: Miami man wants more bombings in New York, he says during his fourth DUI arrest


By: Andy Slater

A Miami man was taken to jail after police say he drove drunk, said he wants more bombings, spit on a cop, and then got punched in the face.

A Miami-Dade Police officer says he saw Cosme Hernandez, 51, driving a van erratically on Tuesday night near NW 152nd Terrace and 87th Avenue in Miami Lakes. Hernandez got out of his van when police stopped him, looked at the officer, then got back in his van and started driving again, the exclusively-obtained police report says.

After stopping a second time, police say Hernandez got out of the van again and yelled to the officer "you want to kill me cause you're black and I'm white," the report says.

Hernandez also shouted "they should bomb America more and New York," police say.

Once Hernandez was put in the backseat of the cop car, he started to bang his head on the window, the arrest report says. When an officer went to put Hernandez's seat belt on, Hernandez spit on the officer, police say. 

Hernandez was about to spit on the officer again, but to stop it, the officer punched him in the face twice, according to the report. 

Fire Rescue was called and they treated the officer and Hernandez.

Hernandez was taken to jail where he's being held on $13,500 bond, facing several charges including his fourth DUI, battery on a police officer, and driving with a suspended license. He also refused a breath test. 

Court records show that Hernandez was charged with DUI in 1999, 2004, and 2012. He has also received 42 traffic tickets since 1997. 

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(Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections)