Cops: Pipe-swinging man from Jordan arrested at adult-video store, threatens massacre

By: Andy Slater

A man who police say promised a massacre worse than the Pulse Nightclub shooting, was arrested after threatening people and officers at an adult-video store.

Amer Abdelkhaliq, 31, is facing several charges after police were called to Miami Playground at 2657 West 36th Street on Saturday night.

According to the exclusively-obtained police report, officers were initially called to the store because Abdelkhaliq was allegedly swinging a pipe at people.

When officers first approached, they were able to get Abdelkhaliq to sit on the curb. He claimed that he wasn’t doing (anything).

Officers say they told Abdelkhaliq to leave the area. But he repeatedly refused, instead saying that he was going to kill the cops.

The arrest report indicates that Abdelkhaliq said, “He was Arab and he was going to kill all the officers.”

Abdelkhaliq is from Jordan.

The situation took an even more frightening twist.

Abdelkhaliq then allegedly screamed that the Orlando Massacre was going to be nothing compared to what he was going to do and that he had access to all kinds of weapons, including AK-47s.

At that point, Abdelkhaliq was arrested.

Officers found all sorts of drug paraphernalia on him.

While officers were driving him to the station, Abdelkhaliq allegedly continued to make repeated threats to the officers.

He is being charged with: trespassing after warning, disorderly conduct, threatening a public servant, possession with intent to use of drug paraphernalia, and resisting arrest.

He is being held on $6,500 bond. 

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(Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections)