EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: DUI suspect jumps through cop car window

By: Andy Slater

A disappearing act that would make any magician jealous, was caught on an officer’s dash camera.

A suspected drunk driver made an escape from police custody, after being arrested for DUI.

In this exclusively-obtained video from inside a Miami-Dade Police cruiser, you can see Roberto Cuadra in the backseat of a cop car on Feb. 23.

While the officer was processing Cuadra’s arrest, the 43-year-old said he was “congested.” The officer decided to lower the backseat window.

As the video shows, Cuadra was able to free his hands and remarkably jump through the open window of the vehicle.

After that, Cuadra ran off and was chased down by officers after running through a Kendall neighborhood.

This was not Cuadra’s first brush with the law.

In fact, he had previously been arrested for DUI three times.

Along with a drunk driving charge, Cuadra is facing escape, resisting arrest, and possession of drugs without a prescription.

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