EXCLUSIVE: Michael Irvin sexual assault case moving forward

By: Andy Slater

(Update: 6/13) Earlier Tuesday, Michael Irvin and his attorney held a news conference, denying all allegations against the former UM star and NFL Hall of Famer. They asked for the case to be declined immediately. The Broward State Attorney's Office just issued this response:

"This is an ongoing case that the State Attorney’s Office first received from police investigators on May 31, just nine business days ago. Prosecutors in our Sexual Battery Unit are continuing their thorough and careful review of this serious matter with the professionalism that our community deserves and expects. Our review is well-within the time period required under the law."

(Update: 6/2) The Broward State Attorney's Office received the case on Wednesday. "As is standard operating procedure, it has been assigned to a prosecutor for review before we make a decision to file or not file the case," a spokesman said. 

The sexual assault case against Michael Irvin is moving forward.

According to exclusively-obtained information, the Fort Lauderdale Police department will not be dismissing the case against the NFL Hall of Famer. It's expected to be given to the Broward State Attorney's Office.

After evaluating all of the information, the state attorney will decide if there are grounds for an arrest. 

The alleged incident happened on March 21 at the W hotel in Fort Lauderdale.

Irvin was wrongly accused of sexual assault in 1996. He was also accused of sexual assault in 2007, but charges were never filed. 

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(Photo: USATI)