Exclusive Video: Bagel shop manager calls cops after young child spills, smears salt

By: Andy Slater

A young family in Coral Springs is salty after Sunday brunch turned into a call to the cops.

The family’s 3-year-old child was eating at The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company in Coral Springs, when the little girl spilled a container of salt on the table.

According to the restaurant’s shift supervisor, Nicole, the manager seen in the video below, Vincent, was respectful to the family.  She says the cops were called, but the family left before they showed up.

The mother tells a different story.

Cara Gregg says that it was a typical Sunday morning with many families eating at the restaurant.

The mother was planning to put all the salt in a cup and throw it in the garbage.

She says she never had a chance.

The mother claims that she was completely humiliated and doesn’t want other families to go through that sort of embarrassment.

"We know she shouldn't have been playing with salt, but it happened," Gregg's husband said. "We had every intention of cleaning it up, but we never got the chance. We were told to leave immediately and that we were blacklisted."

The restaurant's shift supervisor confirmed the family is not welcomed back.

"After the way we were treated, we wouldn't have gone back anyway," the husband said. 

The manager, Vincent, was unavailable for a comment. 

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