EXCLUSIVE: Security guard tries to pull over Miami cop for using phone

By: Andy Slater

It’s never a good idea to pretend to be a police officer.

It’s an ever worse idea when the person being pulled over by a fake cop, is a City of Miami Police officer herself.

According to an exclusively-obtained arrest report, that’s exactly what happened to City of Miami Public Information Officer Kenia Fallat. 

Officers say Fallat was driving westbound on Southwest 7th Street approaching Southwest 13th Avenue on Wednesday night.

Detectives say that she was pulled over in her unmarked, black, City of Miami Taurus.

At the time, Fallat was in full police uniform.

According to the arrest report, Milton Morales-Perez flashed a silver badge and demanded that officer Fallat roll down her window and hang up her phone.

Fallat says she heard Morales-Perez say “Policia, stop the car” in Spanish.

Morales-Perez, 46, told officers that he had a badge because he’s a security guard.

When asked why he decided to try to pull over the cop, he said “she was on the phone and it’s very dangerous to be on the phone while driving.”

Morales-Perez has been charged with one count of impersonating an officer.

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(Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections)