Marlins planning/denying second Jeter town hall meeting


Posted: Friday, Jan. 12, 2018  6:17 p.m.  Updated: Tuesday, Jan. 23 12:28 p.m.

By: Andy Slater

Once again, Derek Jeter is planning on turning two. 

The Miami Marlins are organizing a second town hall meeting with their part owner. 

The event is planned for Jan. 29 at Marlins Park, according to an exclusively-obtained email that was sent to me by someone who RSVP'd for the meeting with Jeter.

In a bizarre twist, a team spokesman denied the existence of the event, saying "a town hall has not been scheduled on that date."

I followed up asking if there was any second town hall meeting with Jeter scheduled, but was told "the next town hall date has not yet been set." 

So either a fan RSVP'd with a Marlins representative for an event that does not exist, or the team will be holding an event that not everyone in the organization is aware of.

(Update 1/23: The fan tells me they received a phone call this morning from a Marlins representative. They were told that this town hall has been postponed and the team is planning to reschedule it.)

I attended the team's initial town hall meeting on Dec. 19. Over the course of about two hours, dozens of fans voiced their concerns and complaints about Marlins ownership, the ballpark, and their experience with the team. 

Most notable amongst the fans was Laurence Leavy, better known as "Marlins Man." Leavy spent several minutes offering suggestions to Jeter and began his five-minute speech by asking the future hall of famer "do you know who I am?"

Leavy told me that he has not been invited to any future town hall meeting and is yet to renew his premium season tickets.

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(Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)