EXCLUSIVE: Miami man sues Dolphins, Heat for $2.7 billion after saying he calls their plays


Posted: Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018 10:30 a.m.

By: Andy Slater

A Miami man tried to become the highest paid play caller in the history of sports. 

Maximus Cashwell recently had his federal lawsuit against the Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat dismissed. 

According to exclusively-obtained documents, Cashwell was seeking $2.7 billion as a buyout for his "shares" of the two teams. 

Here's where it gets stranger.

Not only does Cashwell claim ownership, he also says that he is responsible for drawing up plays and strategies for both squads. 

Cashwell claims his role goes beyond the playing surface. He says he also helps the Dolphins with their draft picks.

As documentation for his "advisory role," Cashwell provided the court with the following Facebook messages where he sent the teams his plays and plans. 


As you would imagine, the case was thrown out.

Micky Arison remains the owner of the Miami Heat and Stephen Ross remains the owner of the Miami Dolphins.

In the end, Cashwell could not cash in.

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