EXCLUSIVE: Jose Fernandez was framed, was not driving boat, legal response claims

Posted: Tue. April 3, 2018 1:09 p.m.

By: Andy Slater

Jose Fernandez's attorney is fighting to clear the star pitcher's name. 

Ralph Fernandez (no relation) is claiming that Jose Fernandez was not behind the wheel of a deadly boat crash, according to an exclusively-obtained response to a lawsuit.

Fernandez and two others, Emilio Macias and Eduardo Rivera, were killed in Sept. 2016. Toxicology reports indicated that Fernandez was legally drunk and had cocaine in his system. 

The final report by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission showed that Fernandez drove the boat that hit the jetty in Miami Beach. 

The response claims Fernandez was framed.

Investigators "intentionally failed to consider any evidence provided to them that Jose Fernandez and Eduardo Rivero were the victims of foul play," the response says. 

The Marlins recently revealed a plaque outside of Marlins Park honoring Fernandez's number 16, but not his name.

The entire 167-page response can be seen below. Warning: Some of the details are graphic. 

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