Marlins Man prepares epic return to Marlins Park

Posted: Sept. 5, 2018  10:45 a.m. -- Updated Sept. 5, 2018  2:57 p.m.

By: Andy Slater

The best-known fan in sports, Marlins Man, is planning an unforgettable return to Marlins Park. You can be part of it and eat/drink for free. 

Laurence Leavy, a lawyer-turned-superfan, will attend his first game of the season at Marlins Park on Monday Sept. 17 against the Washington Nationals.

But Marlins Man is doing it up huge.

He won two prizes from the team's charity auction. Marlins Man had the winning bid for both the "broadcaster experience" and "player for a day."

Among the perks he will receive as a benefit for donating to the Marlins Foundation: Marlins Man will sign an honorary one-day contract with the team, hold an official press conference with Michael Hill, attend Don Mattingly's coaches meeting, present the lineup card, and be interviewed on-air during the Marlins broadcast. Also, Marlins Man will have the chance to shag balls in the outfield during batting practice. 

Marlins Man's philosophy has always been about paying it forward. To help share his experience with others, the attorney bought every available pair of seats in the left field stands.


He plans to bring 300 fans who can win their tickets right here on As an added bonus, those fans who win tickets and wear orange will be receiving free food, soda, and beer on Leavy.

Each winner receives a pair of tickets. If there are more than 150 winners, Leavy says he will buy more seats.

Given that the team's average attendance per game is 10,000 people, Leavy’s purchase should be met with open arms by Marlins management.

Leavy had been a full season-ticket holder since the Marlins franchise began in 1993.

In recent years, Leavy has been a Diamond Club member and could be seen by television cameras behind home plate at every game he attended. He will not be in his customary seats on Sept. 17.

Before the 2018 season, Leavy decided not to renew his tickets after the Marlins turned down a $200,000 check. Leavy was seeking a 3-year deal for four tickets behind home plate. 

Leavy also attempted to assist the Marlins new ownership group during the team’s town hall meeting before the season.  Leavy famously started his speech asking new CEO Derek Jeter, “Do you know who I am?”

Leavy and the new ownership were not able to see eye-to-eye.

Recently, the new Marlins president of business operations, Chip Bowers, said the team is lowering ticket prices because they "screwed up" initially. "We weren't very smart, so we had to take a step back and say everything needs to be scrapped," Bowers said.

"I'm ecstatic that the Marlins brought Bowers on board, a man with experience who gets it," Leavy says. 

Instead of committing to the Fish this season, Leavy has spent his time and money traveling around the country watching games in his now-iconic orange jersey.

Even though the Marlins decided not to use orange jerseys this season, Leavy continues to wear the color with pride, as he represents the team and his hometown across the country.

Leavy told me, “If Jeter lets the Marlins players wear orange that day, I’ll feed them too.”

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