EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Russian woman tries to bribe Miami-Dade cops

Posted: Mar. 22, 2019 4:14 p.m. ET

By: Andy Slater

From Russia, with cash.

A woman was arrested and charged with trying to bribe Miami-Dade police officers.

According to the exclusively-obtained police report, Svetlana Shmidova was involved in a crash on January 16.

She was found unconscious at the wheel.

Police say Shmidova was offered medical care, but turned it down.

She was deemed unfit to drive.

That’s when the story took a bizarre turn.

As you can see in the body-cam footage, Shmidova walked out of her car carrying cash.

The officer starts by asking her “Do you want to go to jail?”

Shmidova says “Buy flowers for your wife.”

The officer asks her, “That’s how y’all do it in Russia? Stop playing.”

After returning to her car, Shmidova is seen approaching officers a second time, once again carrying cash.

She is clearly told that it’s illegal to bribe officers.

She responds by suggesting to the cops “You can have lunch, dinner, yeah?”

Finally, an officer tells Shmidova to put the money back in her purse and that it’s an order.

Despite the alleged cultural confusion, she’s facing a second-degree felony charge for bribery.

Shmidova pleaded not guilty and may now be using that cash on her attorney.

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