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National baseball writer doesn't "buy" Fernandez report: Or does he?

By: Andy Slater (@AndySlater)

National baseball writer Ken Rosenthal wrote a piece late Sunday night on saying you shouldn't believe what you hear about Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez. Problem: When you read Rosenthal's story, he believes it all. 

Rosenthal says he spoke "with four people connected to the Marlins." He writes his piece to follow up on "reports" (my initial report) about Fernandez's attitude.

Rosenthal's opening statement:

For more than a week now, we’ve heard reports about how Jose Fernandez ticks off his Marlins teammates with his attitude and is disrespectful toward his bosses.

I’m not buying it.

So, Rosenthal clearly says he isn't buying the "reports". Let me rephrase that again: My report.

However, later in Rosenthal's story:

Is Fernandez outspoken at times when he perceives his superiors are not handling matters properly? Yes. Can he be high-strung and emotional, even come off as arrogant and cocky? Absolutely.

And more:

Oh, I don’t doubt that Fernandez has ticked off a player or two, and an executive or two as well.

The only thing Rosenthal doesn't seem to buy is something that hasn't been reported. He doesn't believe the Marlins would trade Fernandez solely because of his attitude issues. 

Also good to know Rosenthal is aware of the circus existing in Miami. 

Come to think of it, maybe the Marlins should trade him. I’m starting to sense that we never will hear the truth about Fernandez as a pitcher and teammate until he escapes the circus that is Miami.


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