Ballhawker may have paid $1,000 to be at exclusive Fort Bragg MLB game

By: Andy Slater

Was a civilian able to pay $1,000 to get into a baseball game exclusively for active-duty service members and family at Fort Bragg? 

It's quite possible a guy best known for snagging home run balls may have also snagged a ticket to Sunday night's MLB game between the Marlins and Braves.

Ballhawker Zack Hample apparently offered the money on Tinder and seemed to be getting bites from service members --- even though strict guidelines said no tickets were allowed to be sold or given away. 

Any active-duty service member and their dependents were eligible for a ticket, provided they had a Department of Defense ID. 

Hample posted a few photos on Twitter Sunday night showing he was in attendance. 

(Update 9:45p ET) The 82nd Airborne Division weighs in.

(Update: 10:00p ET) An active-duty service member contacted me and sent me Twitter direct messages from Hample, based on anonymity. In the messages, Hample mentioned he'd be able to buy a ticket and also have "an escort all day" while on the military base. The service member said he was originally offered $500 from Hample as a "finder's fee" if he could find someone to sell their ticket to him. The service member says he did not oblige, but apparently Hample was able to find a seller.  

During the 7th inning, Hample responded to the questions.

Early Monday morning, Hample responded to an earlier email request on how he obtained the ticket. 

"I initially offered to pay, not realizing that was a big no-no," Hample said. "So then I just hoped my reputation would prompt someone to help me and it did... pretty simple, really."

Hample also mentioned the quick story he wrote in his tweet.

Meanwhile, Marlins Man confirmed he would not be there.

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(Photo-H/T: @Zack_Hample, @PardonMyTake)


MLB players can now win a Bentley at Marlins Park

By: Andy Slater

Any MLB player who steps into the batter's box at Marlins Park can now win a brand new Bentley.

Winning the $300,000 luxury vehicle is obviously not going to be easy. 

A player who hits any part of the "O" in the new "Monster" electronic sign in centerfield wins the "Baller Bentley." 

The Marlins teamed up with Monster Products for the giveaway. Monster recently formed a partnership with the car manufacturer.

Hitting the sign during batting practice will not count. 

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Cops: Baseball player chokes, threatens to kill valet, unleashes slur-filled tirade

By: Andy Slater

Major League Baseball player Delmon Young was arrested late Sunday night in Miami, accused of choking and threatening to kill a valet attendant, and using ethnic slurs.

Young allegedly grabbed a valet attendant by the neck at the Viceroy hotel in Miami after he wouldn't open a door with access to a club.

"Stupid Cuban, open the f--king door," Young allegedly told the victim. After repeatedly telling Young he couldn't open the door because the club was closed, Young said "I'm gonna f--king kill you, you Latin piece of sh-t" and then reached over the valet podium and grabbed the victim around his neck with both hands, strangling him, the police report states.

The victim said he was able to break away from Young's hands. Young then fled but was later met by police at his residence, which is also at the Viceroy. Police say Young answered the door naked from his waist down. According to police, Young said he didn't know anything about the incident, but was identified by the victim.

Young told the cop on scene after he was placed under arrest, "I'll slap you in the face with money you f--king Cuban," the report says.

Police charged Young on one count of battery. He bonded out early Monday afternoon.

In 2012, Young was arrested in New York City and pled guilty for hate-crime harassment after using an anti-Semitic slur.

Young, 30, played for the Baltimore Orioles the past two seasons and is currently a free agent.


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(Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections)