Exclusive: Marlins Man Strikes Back

By: @AndySlater

Laurence Leavy, aka Marlins Man, will be spreading his generosity to the University of Miami. Leavy says he will be supporting the Miami Hurricanes football team not only financially, but also on national television.

Leavy has taken a lot of heat on social media over the last several days. He contributed $500 to a "Keep Al Golden" GoFundMe page setup by Seminoles fan Joseph Johnson. That money will go toward the cost of flying a banner in Tallahassee on Oct. 10 to keep the Hurricanes head coach. Johnson wants Miami to keep Golden because he believes the coach "has done a terrific job in keeping Miami irrelevant." 

Leavy genuinely wants Golden to stay at the University of Miami, though. "He is class, not trash," Leavy said. 

To show support for the Hurricanes football team and for Al Golden, Leavy says he will do several things.

  • Donate $10,000 for fans to attend an upcoming University of Miami game. 
  • Pay for banner planes or the blimp to be flown over Sun Life Stadium during a game Miami Hurricanes game. The banner or blimp will read "Keep Golden. Class, not trash. LLMM" (Update 10/15: This banner will fly for 3 hours on 10/17, Leavy told me.)
  • He will wear a Miami Hurricanes football jersey with the name "Golden" on the back during ESPN's nationally-televised baseball broadcast this Sunday night in Chicago.

Leavy exclusively talked about his plans on Thursday while making an appearance on The Andy Slater Show on 940-AM WINZ and iHeartRadio. 

Fans interacted with Leavy and Slater on Periscope before the check was signed in the 940 WINZ studio.

(Update: Thanks to help from the University of Miami, the $10,000 was used to purchase 200 lower-level sideline seats for Oct. 17 vs Virginia Tech. The seats will be given away via The Andy Slater Show

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