Was Canes RB Mark Walton setup?

By: Andy Slater

A person impersonated a police officer, made someone pull their car over, groped them, followed them back to their house --- and then gave the victim their phone number? 

That's apparently what a male suspect did in the early morning hours on April 21. While police won't confirm the identity of the suspect, listed on the report as "Salomon", multiple sources told me it was Miami Hurricanes running back Mark Walton --- as I previously reported

The question is: Did Mark Walton really do what the victim told police?

What we do know is this: Mark Walton was arrested by Miami police and charged with DUI on April 23 at 3:51am, according to the arrest affidavit.

Here's what most people may not know, though. Walton's arrest took place directly outside the residence of the alleged victim in the police impersonator case, an incident that the police report said they were investigating at the time of the DUI arrest.

While the original alleged incident happened on April 21, it was not reported to police until about 33 hours later.

So, that leads me to ask more questions that no one will answer right now. 

Why would someone wait 33 hours to report an alleged police impersonator who they say groped them? 

What led Mark Walton to drive to the female's house in the early morning hours on April 23? Could Walton have been called by the alleged victim to come over while police were waiting there, whom then busted him for DUI?

And most importantly, are any of the details of the alleged victim's story true? 

Her attorney and Miami police continue to say there are "no updates." 

Walton remains suspended and the investigation continues.

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(Photo: USA Today)