Brent Grimes

Exclusive: Brent Grimes' reaction when Miko is approached

By: Andy Slater

Brent Grimes took off his headphones to say hello to me and then turned back around. 

Never-before-released video may shed some light on how far removed the Miami Dolphins cornerback is from his wife. 

Brent told reporters on Wednesday, "my wife is my wife," after Miko's latest Twitter rant. "We don't speak the same thing," he added.

So, how different is the couple? 

I exclusively met with Miko and Brent at Miami International Airport in Jan. 2014 after yet another Twitter rant of her's. They were on their way back from the Pro Bowl in Arizona.

'We're two different people as you can see," Miko told me while standing at baggage claim. 

Until now, it's quite possible many Dolphins fans haven't actually been able to see that.

As you'll notice: Brent doesn't care much about a reporter approaching his wife at an airport. Not only does he turn away, he only seems to take his headphones off because I wanted to say hi.

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