Canes football transfer arrested at FIU

By: Andy Slater

**Update 12/16 --- Court records show that charges against Walter Tucker and Oliver Black were dropped**

An FIU student was punched in the face and a former Canes football player was arrested. Police say it all had to do with marijuana that allegedly wasn't paid for. 

According to an exclusively-obtained arrest report, FIU police took Walter Tucker to jail after the Miami transfer went into an apartment "without permission" and a student got beat up.

Police say Tucker, 21, went into the victim's room with four other people to get back unpaid weed.

"We will kick your ass," Tucker told the victim while he was being punched in the face by one of the other suspects, the report says. 

The victim was bleeding with a cut on his face and scratches, police say. 

While in custody, the report says Tucker admitted to "participating in the burglary" and that after "Don" got the weed back, they all left. 

Tucker played for Miami in 2014 and 2015. He recently transferred to FIU and also posted a picture days ago with Panthers new head coach Butch Davis.

An FIU football spokesperson was unable to be reached. 

Tucker and another suspect, Oliver Black, 20, both face assault and burglary charges. Tucker was released from jail Thursday afternoon on $13,500 bond. 

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(Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections)